Sunday News for April 29

Sunday News April 29

May 2018 Newsletter

May 2018 Breastplate-Electronic Copy

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Sunday News for April 22

Bishop Tom Breidenthal will visit this Sunday to Confirm, Reaffirm and Receive 26 people into the Episcopal Church.

Sunday News April 22

Spring Garage Sale May 5th

The Spring Garage Sale will be May 5th, from 8:30am to 1:00pm.

Check out our Garage Sale page for complete details!

Feel free to call the church office if there’s any questions – 614-766-2664.

Sunday News for April 15

Sunday News April 15

Sunday News for April 8

Sunday News April 8

Sunday News for April 1st

Sunday News April 1

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Women’s Retreat

Growing With Our God Images

During this retreat we will explore how our god images must change as we reshape our broken stories within life’s realities. We will delve into our own life thresholds that have forced us to retell our stories. We will consider god images we’ve had to (or need to) abandon as we’ve outgrown them, as well as inviting a bigger god to fill those spaces.  I will provide input on spiritual growth and god images, sharing from my new book OMG: Growing With Our God Images. There will be time for quiet, being outdoors, sharing and worship.

Rev. Mary Ellen Ashcroft, PhD, received her PhD in English from the University of MN, and completed ordination requirements at Cambridge University where she was a fellow in The Centre for Advanced Religious and Theological Studies. She has written a number of books, including Dogspell and The Magdalene Gospel, which have been translated into a number of languages.  After many years as an literature and writing professor, Mary Ellen Ashcroft, now lives in Grand Marais, where she is a writer, teacher, retreat leader, wilderness guide, spiritual director, leader of Spirit of the Wilderness Episcopal Church and grandmother.  Her book, OMG: Growing With Our God Images will be published summer 2018.

Registration: February 25-April 1st

$85 for a double room; $35 for Commuters

Registration Form

Registration Women’s RETREAT 2018

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