Educational Programs

Education of Young Children

During worship, children age 3 through 5th grade spend a portion of the service in their own worship environment, learning about the lessons of the day and the nature of prayer and worship.

Our curriculum concentrates on scripture and the tradition of the Church. We use an Episcopal-based curriculum that highlights the Sunday lessons and practices of the Church.

Education of Adults

We have numerous programs for adults:

Sunday Morning

At 11 am each Sunday morning, adults have an opportunity to participate in educational programs designed specifically for them on a variety of topics, including prayer, scripture, church history, and Christian living.

Education for Ministry (EFM)

We sponsor three EFM groups, which provide a thorough, in-depth education in scripture, theology, history and the application of faith to life. (Learn More)

Bible Study

God’s Time Conversation Group on Facebook.

Spiritual Direction

Every Wednesday at 10:30 am we meet for group spiritual direction, to learn, to grow in faith, and to share our journeys with each other.

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