We need your help. To pay the staff, keep the lights on and HVAC system running, to keep up
the building and to reach out in concern for others, we rely on contributions.

Stewardship is a whole different thing. Stewardship is the realization that all we have is a gift
from God: ourselves, our personality, our talents, our family, and friends, and even the money
we earn from our work. When we realize it is all gift, then we start asking how we might use
those gifts for the benefit of the world around us. It may lead us to volunteer. It also may lead
us to give more to the church as a symbol of thanking God for all God’s gifts. Every year we
have a pledge drive and encourage people to make a pledge to demonstrate their thankfulness
to God.

To make a pledge, click on this LINK or contact our pledge secretary, Charlie Horton, at pledge@pats-dublin.org