If you are just visiting our website or you’ve clicked on this page because you’ve already visited the Church and want to learn, then welcome to St. Patrick’s.

We are a joyful community of faith. In other words, we believe that being people of faith is meant to bring fulfillment to our lives while at the same time leading us to reach out in God’s name to the world around us to make it a better place.

We worship in the “Anglican tradition” which means that our prayers and style of worshiping God come from the fact that we were originally a part of the Church of England. Anglicans, those who can trace their roots to the Church of England, are the second largest body of Christians in the world.

We have communion, which involves sharing bread and wine and remembering Jesus’ last supper, every Sunday and all are welcome.

We have ministries that care for our members and many more that reach out to the world around us. We welcome volunteers in these ministries.

If you want a deeper connection with the Church then sign the guest register in our entryway and we will include in our database, or contact us via phone or email.

For more information visit What we Believe.

A Joyful Community of Faith