Stephen Ministry

The Stephen Ministry is a caring ministry of congregation members who are trained for 50 hours in how to care for those who are going through difficult times. We serve not only our congregation but also the community.

The Care Receiver will get one-on-one care for 1 hour a week or whatever fits the schedule of that person. Men minister to men, and women minister to women. The ministry is absolutely confidential, not even other Stephen Ministers know who is being ministered to during or after the caring relationship.

We meet on a regular basis during the church year and on an as needed basis during the summer. During the year we have continuing education to keep us abreast of subjects we need to know more about for our training.

Because of our confidentiality commitment, a congregation often doesn’t know a lot about us. If you wish to know more, contact Marilyn Lyren at 703-930-2813.

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