The Role of the Vestry

In the Anglican church, the word “vestry” was derived from the room where the clergy “vest” or put on the “vestments” (the special clothes worn during the liturgy). The church council also met in this place out of convenience. Eventually the council took on the name of the room. Just as by “vesting” for worship clergy take on a special role representing Christ and the greater church, so the vestry has a charge to faithfully care for the parish church as part of the body of Christ—alive and at work in our world today.

St. Pat’s vestry has nine members typically serving for three years.  It has four major responsibilities:

  • Protect our vision
  • Support our ministries
  • Protect St. Pat’s financial integrity

The Rector drives these 3 responsibilities, so supporting them through their unique talents and prayer is the vestry’s fourth and primary responsibility.

At St. Pat’s, the following diagram has been used over time to help new vestry members understand their role in relation to the congregation, the rector and the church staff:

St. Pat’s is part of the Episcopal Diocese of Southern Ohio, in turn part of the Episcopal Church of the United States which is a member of the worldwide Anglican Communion. Our direction, values, liturgy, ministries and mission are greatly shaped by these guiding bodies.

If you would like to learn more about St. Pat’s vestry, its responsibilities or how it operates, please contact the church and request to speak to a vestry member or warden.

Ed Yuhas, Senior Warden

Roy Barker, Junior Warden