We Believe…

…that all people are loved by God and welcomed at St. Patrick’s.

We believe that faith is a verb, and believing means living our lives in response to God’s great love for us. We are a joyful community of faith that celebrates Christ’s presence in our lives with worship every Sunday.

We read four lessons from scripture at our main service every Sunday, followed by a sermon, to emphasize the importance of the Bible in understanding and living our faith. We believe the Bible was written by human beings who were inspired by God. Scripture contains all things necessary for our salvation, and it can still speak to us today through private study, group study, hearing it read in worship, and hearing sermons.

We believe the tradition of the Church can help us understand what God desires of us, and through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, our shared reason can lead us into all truth.

And, to re-emphasize, we believe that all people are loved by God and welcomed at St. Patrick’s.

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